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This page is dedicated to talking/information about the site itself

Its ugly because it's not important for it to look nice (and I cbf to change it)


Arcitea was a guide made by some dude from the bodybuilding forums, as can be seen by the large amounts of links to specific threads. It was never properly advertised on the forums however, there were some mentions of it, however the owner never made his own thread annoucing it's creation (as far as I'm aware, I didn't do a real major look). You can see who the creator is on the forums tho.

The creator also made a very popular blogspot for another topic, and that is still around and much more popular. I forgot what its called however so sorry about that

The site used to be mentioned on the /sig/ wiki, however when the site died, no-one changed the link to an archive (until a month or so ago), so it was bascially forgotten.

It was a good guide tho, which is why its being reborn

How to help

Please help.

Currently, I am only looking to do things outlined in the todo list. If its not in the todo list then I'm most likely not interested in it now

If you can help on one of the items, please send me the changes/how you can help to the email below. Something like "replace lines 3-19 with this:".

If theres actually anyone interested in helping often or large amounts, ill probalby set up a git or something to make the process easier, but if I'm not getting any emails at all theres not much point in me setting it up. If you want to help but don't want to put your changes in an email, just email me telling me to set the git up

I would like to know if the style of the main page is too much. Its very vibrant and I don't know if people will like that. If you do or do not like it, make it known either by saying so in /sig/ or sending an email to the address below

Email to contact/help:

Yes that is a real email address, you can get one like that for youself at


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