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Transform Yourself: A Guide to Self-Improvement. Brought back to life by /sig/

7,0 - Where to Go from here

You've made it to the end of this guide. You most likely haven't achieved your goals, and if you already have, then go back to 0,0 and start over again.

However, by making it to the end of this guide, you hopefully have a basic understanding on how to improve yourself for the future. From here it should be clear to you where you should go. However, if you find that you may need aditional help with self improvement, or go into more detail on specifc things related to self help (e.g. Fitness, Jobs, Education, Hobbies), then this section is for you.

Bascially, just a bunch of links/texts to things to complex to be included in this guide

7,1 - Helping others by helping Arcitea

One of the easist ways to feel happy is to help others, or give to them

A good way way to help and give to others, is to help them with their self improvement

Currently, I'm just one dude working on a guide that was abandoned by its original owner in 2012. A lot of this guide/site needs work done, and I can't devote all my time to this project, nor do I even have the knowledge to make changes on the information in a lot of these sections

If you can help in any way, e.g. You know a lot about a section that to you contains incorrect information, or you have any suggestions/complaints e.g. the pink color of the background hurts my eyes, then visit This Page and you can see how you can help me help others

7,2 - Further Reading

Here is a list of guides that are considered the only guide you will ever need. If arcitea is the only guide you will need for self improvement, then these guides are the only guide you will ever need for their respective fields. They will teach you everything from starting to mastering.

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